It is not your fault... but it's your responsibility!


Before you realized, your parents, school teachers and other social entities programed you in the direction they believed was "right". This is part of the illusion we all inherited and unless we start questioning it, our choices and habits will be governed by patterns that might not serve us or even worse: make us sick! I invite you to discover your true nature and the best methods to nurture your whole being in order to have a longer, happier, and richer life experience.

Ascending Aspects is my Signature Coaching Program,  born through my Personal Mission to help you embody a set of tools and principles through which you will become more conscious and motivated to improve the nature of your habits.


I know I am repeating myself... but this is decisive! You are what you repeatedly do so in order to improve, you must develop solid routines that serve your purpose and create the life you want to live. No matter how it’s painted or presented to you, this is the only approach that brings results: focusing on things that truly matter!

This life transformation program was ignited by my success and the amazing people I worked with over the years. I remember how difficult it was to struggle with various aspects of my life and not being able to find my way out of "the pit". Self-improvement can mean many things to different people but one of the most important lessons I learned is that true evolution can only be possible if you harmoniously improve you body, mind and you spirit. Everything is holistically connected, and our life's aspects can either elevate each other or weigh us down.

If you have a deep calling to take action and become your better version, this is the voice of your consciousness which is your true compass on you life's journey. There comes a time in any person's life when they understand that the most important achievement is to create an authentic relationship with himself. So take my hand and commit to your personal development through an amazing transformation experience which you enjoy!

STOP missing out on your chance! If you don't feel motivated, confident enough or simply don't know where to begin, let me tell you from the very start:  you have simple path to follow - Your Path! And I can help you discover it, create a roadmap and walk a portion of your journey together. This is the adventure sneak peak:



We commit to a deeper understanding of your life, the human condition and determine your true needs and priorities. Preparation is key for success and we will create a compelling and motivating vision to empower your transformation - the roadmap to your best version!

Gain new perspectives, clarity, discover your purpose and create a vision through which you express your mission.



I will help you develop four vital habits which YOU KNOW you SHOULD DO, plus the perseverance necessary to maintain them forever.

The virtuous cycle: Quality meals provide energy for your workouts and healthy effort facilitates a better sleep. Through meditation you become more calm and focused in all your activities



A productive environment and healthy social connections will help you sustain your goals, nurture your passions and make you a better person. Learn how to create opportunities to share your gifts and create more happiness for yourself and others! Improve yourself and our world improves as well.



Dive deeper into your consciousness! Inner exploration becomes meaningful when you realize the extent to which your thoughts and feelings influence your choices. Become present, aware and create an authentic connection with your spirit - the infinite source of truth, love and joy.

What's included

✓ 12 Life Coaching Zoom sessions of 90 each with a frequency of 1 per week.

✓ The presence of a passionate and motivated Life Coach (certified).

✓ Smart and amusing personal development games, tests and other hands-on activities

✓ The knowledge elixir from over 50 books of personal development

✓ Fundamental principles that bring health and joy into your life.

✓ Learning of ancient and new practices to develop your body, mind and spirit.

✓ You will gain the clarity and motivation you need to sustain your personal goals while keeping a heavy focus on the principles which bring joy and health into your life.

✓ Guided meditations. I will hold the space for you explore your inner world and the best qualities of your human nature such as strength, peace and love.

Yes, a positive transformation can only be achieved through a good structure and a motivating vision. The presence of a motivated and experienced coach can amplify evolution significantly. By the end of our journey together, you will:

By the end of our adventure together you will:

✓ Adopt and improve powerful habits: workout, nutrition, sleep and meditation

Discover and nurture your passion to create a purposeful life 

Overcome your limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and hesitant

✓ Dissolve bad habits and vices that don't serve you

✓ Embody powerful core principles

✓ Improve your life wisdom and knowledge of the world 

✓ Discover your passion and turn it into a purposeful gift

✓ Cultivate peace, compassion and self-love

✓ Improve your social skills

✓ Bring more meaning in your relationships

✓ Explore the deeper connections between yourself and the Universe

✓ Learn to set goals

✓ Become independent to continue this adventure by yourself

Create a personal mission statement

It probably sounds like a lot of responsibility but it really isn't. There is nothing more valuable than your life's experience and nothing more important than taking the first step. Each of my programs are meant to be flexible, easy-going and adapting to your specific needs. To find out more about about the program and address any questions that might clarify if this option is right for you, book a free call with me today.

Let's Join Forces!