Are you out of shape and too lazy to prioritize your habits?

Feeling Overwhelmed and confused by so many diets and workout programs?

I've been through your struggle and I have a solution that works!

Happy and Fit
- From Home in 90 days! -

If you want to get in shape and improve your health from home, Happy and Fit is the right program for you. Mixing the best elements from Cardio, Fitness and Yoga, I design fun and healthy routines of essential exercises for the whole body. This is your opportunity to commit to a better lifestyle and have a good time in the presence of a motivating Trainer. Not only that your progress will be visible in a matter of weeks, but you will become independent and motivated to continue this vital habit on your own.

What the majority forgets

Due to quick technological and social progress, our species has transitioned quickly from trees and grass to concrete and glass. Our bodies are still adapted to a natural habitat in which not so long ago, activities such as walking long distances, running, lifting and carrying were part of our daily routine. But today, most of us live in areas where grocery stores are at every corner and we can easily reach them in pajamas and slippers if we want to. And those who don't have a grocery store nearby most likely go by car.

Why psychical effort is YOUR responsibility

This progress is not our fault fault and technology has brought significand improvements to our lives. But it now is however our responsibility to understand and respect our natural condition and the way our bodies work. Our metabolism, endocrine glands, nervous system, circulation and oxygenation, joints and bones are just a few of our body's aspects that benefit from a regular and healthy effort.

Adaptable to your stage, psychical and medical conditions

The program workout routine will be adapted to your needs in terms of intensity levels and exercises. Medical conditions such as Arthritis and Osteoporosis (and more) require exercises with a lower impact on the joints. This is not an issue as you are still able to sustain a decent effort and a complete workout within one training hour.


✓ Multiple significant health improvements (find out more)

✓ Better mood and energy levels

✓ Improve your memory and focus

✓ Regulate your appetite and sleep

✓ Get in shape, become more confident and sexy

✓ Lose up to 10 Kg in 3 months

✓ It's fun and social, it will leave you smiling!

✓ Learn how how to design your own workouts

✓ Develop a valuable habit that will last you a lifetime

✓ Become an inspiration for your friends and family

What you get

✓ 36 online workout sessions on Zoom (1 hour sessions, up to three per week)

✓ Essential basics of nutrition to sustain your goals

✓ 3 Coaching sessions for progress tracking and improvement

✓ Exercise movement and intensity is adapted to fit your needs and goals, including exercises you love doing

✓ Discover additional best practices for a healthy lifestyle

✓ Continuous motivation and support, training materials and fun challenges

As all programs, Happy and Fit is flexible, easy-going and adapting to your specific needs. To find out more about about the program and address any questions that might clarify if this option is right for you, book a free call with me today.

Let's Join Forces!