I had a huge awakening and I suddenly realized I have a lot of potential in my life.


As I started taking small steps for self-improvement, I noticed how far away I am from it. When I realized how far away I am from living that amazing potential, this ignited in me a huge desire to learn how to get there. How to lose the extra weight, how to purify my body and mind by replacing routines that didn’t serve me and to reconnect with the deeper parts of who I am. Now that I’ve come closer to this point, I want to share this knowledge with the world.

It is said that the the distance between dreams and reality is called action. It was no different in my case. We learn and grow only through direct experience. A set of solid habits and principles made all the difference in my life and in just one year I’ve come a long way:


Such a transformation was possible only by understanding the importance of nurturing my body, mind and spirit properly, integrating practices in my daily life which included good nutrition, regular workouts, quality sleep and meditation. Changing was not an easy process and negative routines proved to be a serious challenge. But with the right vision in sight I learned to gradually turn my struggles into a fun, healthy effort. 

My positive results ignited the confidence and passion to explore even more fields of improvement from both academic and spiritual backgrounds with great practical applicability.


I believe that time is the only resource we can never recover, making every second of our life priceless. If you share the same perspective we can then agree that the best decision we can take is to improve ourselves and create a better and happier experience. This decision adds not only years to our life, but also life to our years.

Ascending Aspects was born with one purpose: to share my passion for life with the world and my experience amplifies every time I give more.


"It is my mission to set a conscious example and inspire others to take action for becoming their greatest version and achieve their full human potential through the harmonious evolution of the Body, Mind and Spirit."

You can do it too!

Start your transformation journey with me today! My own battles with laziness and limiting beliefs turned me into a powerful sidekick! Now I can help you find your own path to excellence!