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Hi, I'm Julius!

I inspire people's Truth, Courage and Perseverance to create a lifestyle that brings a longer and happier experience

Aren't you sick and tired of these feelings?

How many times have you promised yourself that you would commit to a better lifestyle and quit the habits that don't serve you?

Every day your inner voice is calling but you snooze again and again... and so days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months and before you realize, you drift into the same old patterns you wanted to change.

If you are not consistent in your goals, it might be because you are lacking a clear vision that brings results. I want to inspire you and fuel your courage to begin and never let go!


Packed with valuable information, my videos explore the best principles and techniques to create an amazing life! This is a great place to start your personal development journey.

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Discover the programs I designed for specific needs and choose to work with me me as your Coach and Mentor. I will help you improve the main aspects of your life through a clean and enjoyable process.


Live Webinars are ideal for families, friends and teams who want to become more conscious and make better choices. This this fun and interactive group activity you will improve your motivation and knowledge on how to nurture your body, mind and spirit correctly.

Just because it's your path it doesn't mean you must walk alone!


Two are always better than one and I can be your powerful sidekick! Why me? – because I climbed my way out of "the pit" and through years of dedication to self-improvement I gained the confidence and experience to help anyone who aspires to live a better life. Take my hand now and let's walk a portion of your journey together!

Thank You for Choosing Me!

Amalia Costea, Romania


"Iulius is a sociable person, responsible, fit and passionate about sports and health. He accompanied me weekly to fitness training and gave me nutrition advice that helped me a lot in achieving my objective of increasing physical strength at prolonged effort. Julius has a vast experience in fitness, nutrition and medium and long-term goals. His daily energy and involvement in every stage of the process is a true inspirational model.